The OTK Online
A Joint Effort of ABCD Webmasters and CF Publications
Volume 1, Number 4
Editor: Steve Richardson
November, 2002
Webmaster: Joey

What's New on Our Sites?

As usual CF Publications and ABCD Webmasters are working hard to bring you the absolute best in the world of spanking. And with this issue of OTK, we have some really exciting news.

ABCD Webmasters has started a group of themed fiction websites which are designed to give readers just what they are looking for - without membership fees or waiting. All stories, novels, and novellas ordered from these sites are downloaded immediately to your computer as soon as your payment is approved.

Spanking Playhouse, with it's theme of age-play spanking stories, bring Daddy/little girl stories to life. We already have three talented authors who have contributed stories - with more on the way. These stories are in some ways among the most severe and explicit that we publish, and in other ways, extremely tender.

Spanking Castle features very romantic "soft-core" spanking novels. Already on the Castle are two excellent FULL LENGTH spanking novels by Carolyn Fauklner, and a third novel by newcomer Laurel Joseph. All are very reasonable priced.

Punishment Spanking is our newest addition. It will serve as the home for our most severe spanking stories.

We've also updated the site we run in conjunction with well-known author Sharon Green. For years, her out of print Warrior series has had the reputation of being the most spanking-packed novels ever published in the mainstream. Now - AT LAST - they are available via autodownload from Sharon's site. They are being relased every 3-4 weeks - The Warrior Within (#1) is currently available.

A "five pack" which allows you to pre-order books 2-5 at a substantial discount is also available. Also new on the Sharon's site - The Party - an explicit BDSM novel originally published on our erotic story site, Wicked Velvet.


OTK readers turn up the most obscure facts, let me quote CM on the subject of Abraham Lincoln and topic A. William Herndon, Lincoln's law partner and biographer tells of the incident which was repeated in more than one Lincoln biography, including "The Lincoln Nobody Knows" by Richard Current, McGraw-Hill, 1958. On page 49 is the following pasage; "Stephen Whitehurst, Lincoln's neighbor whose back yard adjoined theirs told of having seen Mrs. Lincoln with a knife in her hand chase her husband down the street. Seeing people coming he turned suddenly around, caught his wife at the heavy end, her hips if you please, and quickly hustled her to the back door of his house and forced, pushed her in at the same time as it were, spanking her heavy end, saying to her 'There, damn it, now stay in the house and don't disgrace us before the eyes of the world.'" CM continues: If he spanked her on the street what might have happened within the privacy of their home?

Let us imagine this scene. It is quite possible that it did occur. Picture Mary Lincoln face down across her husband's lap. Her dress and petticoats are raised. Out of respect for the dignity of the future first lady we'll assume that her lace trimmed pantalets, worn by ladies of quality at the time were left intact. We hear a steady rhythmic smacking. Mary cries--ow! -please Abe don't! ow! ow!

Mary's rounded thinly pantalooned bottom gyrates while her feet kick the air. All this while the hand is applied. this same hand that is destined to guide the pen composing Gettysburg Address soundly applies the sharp smacks, punctuated by her cries, to that intimate portion of Mary which will, before the spanking is over, become quite hot and tender. When on her feet again, she can be pictured dancing while holding with her hands her throbbing spanked area.


In a past issue of, I ran a fictious letter from a college freshman complaining that her brother-in-law spanked her. Here I present an equally genuine reply. Dear Ann/Abby: I am writing in response to the eighteeen year old college student who wrote you complaining that her brother-in-law spanks her when she misbehaves. I think that rather than complaining, she should be grateful that he cares enough to provide the discipline that she needs. Lord knows that there are few enough people around who are willing to take the trouble to help young people learn to act right. I know that she is thinking that it is easy for me to give such advice when it is her bottom that gets spanked. Let me assure her that I am not speaking theoretically. While I am no longer an eighteen year-old college girl, subject to spankings, I am a twenty-three year old school teacher who lives at home and whose last "learning experience" across her father's knees was less than a month ago. I fully expect that such experiences will be repeated as necessary as long as I live at home. Let me tell you the good part of this attention. I am twenty-three years old, I have a good job, I drink only in moderation, I don't use drugs, I am not promiscuous, and I am currently going with a fine young man who just may make a fine husband. I know that I am far from perfect and that I owe much of my current happiness to my father's strong right arm and his willingness to use it, on appropriate occasions, to set his daughter's seat on fire. Let me be clear about this, I realize that I have needed spankings in the past and that I will probably need them in the future. I am grateful that Daddy has delivered them when needed, but I don't like being spanked one little bit. In fact, getting a spanking is about the worst thing I can imagine, this is why they are so effective, I will do almost anything, even behave myself, to avoid a spanking. Several times during my younger years I tried to talk Daddy into using some other form of punishment on the grounds that I was too old to be spanked. Each time the answer was the same, "As long as you live in this house I am responsible for how you behave, when you misbehave you are going to be spanked. If you are too old to be spanked, you will prove it by not deserving a spanking. At last I have realized that he is right, when I behave I am not spanked, when I misbehave, I deserve to be spanked . This realization certainly doesn't make it any easier when Daddy looks right at me and tells me to bring him the paddle. I hate having to get the paddle for my own spanking but there is no choice, the words "Chris, bring me the paddle," are a sentence with no appeal. Argument or even too much slowness in complying are likely to elicit the words, "Young lady, that will be five extra."
When I return with the paddle, I must hand it to Daddy and place myself face down across his knees, with my bottom turned up for punishment. It is a position that I know well but I never gets used to it. I agree with your writer that the next part is the worst single part of the spanking, lying there, staring at the floor, while my father pulls my skirt up to my waist and pulls my underpants and pantyhose down around my knees. He may be my father, but he is also a man staring at my nakedness. I just lie there wishing the ground would swallow me up, but it never does and I have to stay in that position while my father delivers a lecture on just why I am to be spanked. However, I would point out to your writer that even this horrible experience is for my own good. THE point of a punishment is to be unpleasant so that the culprit will try to avoid the punishment in the future. While spankings are painful, there is a limit on the amount of pain the spanker can inflict, afterall, he is doing this for your sake and he does love you, otherwise he wouldn't take the trouble of punishing you. The embarrassment of having your naked bottom exposed to his gaze increases the unpleasantness of the punishment without increasing the pain or creating the possibility of injury. The above does not mean that I want to minimize the amount of pain a that can be inflicted on a girl's buttocks when a full grown man decides that the their owner's misdeeds have warranted the application of a paddle (or in your writer's case, a hairbrush). My father just swings away until my bottom is bright red and I am crying my eyes out, feeling that the pain has been with me forever and will be with me forever. Daddy doesn't count, unless I have earned "extras," he measures the effectiveness of the parental chastisement by the color of my bottom and the fact that I have been reduced to incoherent sobs. When I have been bad or stupid enough to warrant the sentence of "five extra," they are delivered an hour after the main spanking. This is really horrible, when the hour is up my bottom is still burning, but I would be beginning to recover my self-control if it weren't for the sentence hanging over me. But it is, again I have to go over my father's knees, again have my pants taken down, and receive five stinging strokes which relight every fire which had been burning in my bottom and starts some new ones. You can believe that it is extremely rare that I mess up to the extent of getting that extra five, and only once since I was thirteen have I merited a second five an hour after the first. It may seem unbelievable that a young woman of twenty-three not only submits to having her bottom spanked with her pants down, but is grateful to her father for doing it, but as I said at the beginning, I know that I am spanked because my father loves me and takes the trouble to punish me when I need it. I think your writer will eventually be grateful that she has moved into a house where there are rules and where the rules are enforced by an old-fashioned spanking when they are broken.


Connie's Corner

Our favorite spankee is back with a remembrance of the man who gave her her first adult spanking. I had already been spanked a couple of times at this particular stage--at the same encounter I should specify--and was having this need so completely fulfilled for the first time that I wanted it never to end. At this point, he had left me in the bedroom to make a few business calls. He was a workaholic, a problem for me later on. I was, in fact, becoming restive in the room by myself, and so it was easy to fall into a sulky girl role when he returned. When he lay down on the bed beside me, I turned over away from him and muttered petulantly that I didn't like being ignored. His voice became noticeably deeper when he responded, "Well, she turns away, gets sulky." Then louder, "You don't really think I'm going to put up with this." Pause. "Answer me." Silence.

"Well, it looks like I'm finding out just how naughty you can be. Now, listen to me, young lady. I don't tolerate this kind of behavior. I'm warning you. If you act like a spoiled child, you'll be treated like a spoiled child." I don't think you can even imagine what all this was doing to me. A long-denied fantasy coming true is like rain pouring down on parched earth.

Finally, "I'll give you just five more seconds to turn around and be a good girl." Needless to say, I did not turn around. He grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around, then gave me a shaking. "Do you know what happens to little girls who don't do what they're told? They get spanked." Then he flipped me over again on my face--he handled me as though I were a rag doll--and spanked me hard and long on my already bared bottom.

It was a terrific roleplaying scene and although I've had many as good or better since, there was something about this one that will stand out. Well, actually, I know what made it stand out. I had never believed prior to this that my strange fantasies could ever be lived out as passionately as I wanted them to be


(new thoughts from Uncle Steve).

For all of the time CF has existed, our mailing list has been predominately male, something over 75%, suggesting the sad conclusion that there was a real shortage of women with the spanking gene. Either from rational thought or blind optimism, I have maintained the opposite view, that there are at least as many, if not more, women who appreciate the finer things in life than men. I have cited the following evidence for my hopeful view:

1) By fat the greatest source of spanking scenes in mainstream literature is romances, definitely a female genre.

2) Many of CF’s most prolific and best authors are women.

3) The number of women on the CF (and other spanking material sellers) is depressed by the twin facts that most of our advertising is per force in sexual newspapers and magazines. These are less available to women in our culture and it is a much bigger step for women than men to order materials of an openly sexual nature.

With the coming of the internet, I have considerably more support for my hypothesis. All of the spanking news groups which I frequent have at least equal, and often majority, representation of the spankable sex. I attribute this to two factors, convenience and anonymity. Freed from the need to enter the sometimes seedy world of adult book stores, and able to read spanking related materials without sending your name and address to some unknown source, women can indulge their kinky passions with much more freedom and safety than before the internet.

This has affected the spanking world in a variety of ways, most notably the predominant form of spanking story posted on the internet today is the romance (see above). Girlfriends and wives submit in great numbers to their stern lovers and husbands, usually with the open or implied promise that their sore bottoms will be assuaged by really great sex sooner or later.

The downside of this is that curfew-missing 16 year olds, careless secretaries, and arrogant women, who need nothing so much as to have their panties downed and their bottoms reddened by a male authority figure, not a lover, are increasingly rare on the internet.

Oh well, nothing is perfect, it is nice to have the girls into play with us.

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for something for that last naughty behind on your holiday list? Consider Bethany's Spanking Store. We don't have a lot of items, but our premiere paddle ball games will bring back memories of stockings past. We also have unique spanking mousepads, something no desk is complete without!



Our loyal reader CM supplies the following reference. Life magazine in its issue of January 20, 1941 on pp. 28-29 runs an article on a sorority at the University of Utah which instituted a dress code for its members and enforced the code with public paddling. The article is illustrated with a picture of five coeds bent over to receive their just deserts, at the time of the picture one of the girls has just received her swat. This issue should be available at most public libraries. CM would also like to hear from readers who know more about this incident or similar ones or who are interested in the topic of sorority spanking. He also supplies the news that Look's Sept. 24, 1963 edition has a picture of a young actress being spanked by her boy friend because she threw a temper tantrum.

CM is especially fond of the Life picture because it shows a number of bystanders watching and obviously enjoying the paddling. This leads him to believe that the enjoyment of spanking may be more wide-spread than we believe. Certainly many of us have gone through times when we have wondered why our erotic interests seem so different from everybody else's. The kindly editor still occasionally finds it surprising that so many intelligent, respectable people subscribe to his newsletter. At other times those he realizes that although there may be relatively few people who consciously realize that they like spanking, the number that enjoy spanking at some level must be much greater. Consider the number of movies in the forties and fifties in which the hero eventually had to spank the heroine, for her own good, of course. The editor has, somewhat sadly, come to the conclusions that these scenes were not included just because they appealed to him. Consider the fact that the editor has almost completed his second list of spanking references in fifty mainstream novels. Note that this is despite the requirements that they be works he can actually find in the library or stores and that they must be at least marginally erotic to him. Consider the number of games which children play which involve one or another getting a smack on the bottom. Consider established writers like Robert Heinlein or Delderfield who seemingly have a difficult time writing a novel without some character getting spanked or at least threatened with a spanking. Consider the born-again Christian discussed in an earlier OTK who was quite willing to write an entire book, God, the Rod, and Your Child's Bod, on the Christian duty of spanking children. And consider the true confession magazines and the magazines aimed at teen-age girls which occasionally feature spanking stories or letters. There may be relatively few people who are familiar and comfortable enough with their own desires to subscribe to something like OTK or to say to a partner, "Would you like a spanking/to spank me?" but there clearly are a large number of people who are excited by spanking.


In the March 1983 issue of MS magazine, a woman writes in explaining that about once a month, her husband takes her across her knee and paddles her. The problem is that she enjoys it immensely and it makes their sex life much better. She does not know how to reconcile this with her role as a liberated woman nor with her work helping battered women. In the June issue there are a number of letters responding to her, a surprising number from women with similar tastes and only one ridiculing her for her preferences. The whole discussion is interesting and intelligent. These issues should be on file at your local public library.

This image is from an old stereoscope card. Look at it carefully - the child's butt is bare, and the mother's white hand print is plainly visible. Behind the mother there is drawing on the wall. Are we to assume that somehow the paint the child was playing with got on the woman's hand?


Many of you have first come to OTK through an ad we run periodically in the New York Review of Books. Although the ad is worded essentially the same as the ads we run in publications such as Corporal and the Fetish Times which are more clearly "into" our stuff, it is reasonably discrete. Recently, in our never ending battle to bring the gospel to yet more people, we sent in the same ad to the National Star, a publication much like the National Enquirer, but not quite as sophisticated. We received a letter from their advertising standards comittee informing us that they regreted that our ad did not meet their standards. We may appear in the NYR, but it appears that we have blown our chances to appear next to articles on dogs which talk to UFOs.

Note to readers: Please remember that our OTKs are complied from issues published by CF Publications beginning in 1984. In general we are eliminating obviously dated material (mention of companies that are no longer in business, for example) while still trying to include interesting past tidbits. After the last OTK went out, with its excerpts from advice columns, I got a rather huffy E-mail pointing out that Ann Landers was dead. We are no longer advertising OTK in the New York Book Review; nevertheless, we felt this interesting enough to include.