The OTK Online
A Joint Effort of ABCD Webmasters and CF Publications
Volume 1, Number 1
Editor: Steve Richardson
May, 2002
Webmaster: Joey

Our Origins

A long time ago, in a spanking galaxy far away, there grew a small newsletter called THE OTK NEWSLETTER dedicated to bringing news, views, and prurient articles and stories of spanking to the oppressed, isolated not-yet community of spankophiles.

This little spanking newsletter that could endured for 180 issues before Steve Richardson, it's editor and chief pervert finally gave it up. Now, bribed by promises of lines of naughty school girls lined up waiting before his office, Steve Richardson (okay, Steve Richardson, c'est moi) has decided to reinvent OTK as an online publication. It will steal, err, make available much material from the original OTK as well as providing a forum for new twisted thoughts by the editor and any innocents he can inveigle into writing for it. For this first issue, it seems appropriate, and easy, to reprint issue #1 of THE OTK NEWSLETTER.

A World About Our Sites

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You Light Up My Fanny

One of the crucial elements of a spanking is its ritual, one does not merely start hitting wherever, a spanking must be on the bottom or else it doesn't count. To illustrate this point, consider that leading spanking theoretician: Debbie Boone, daughter of Pat.

In Debbie's autobiography, Debbie Boone So Far, there are a number of references to bare-bottom spankings for Debbie and her sisters, delivered by both Pat and their mother. The subject of our discussion here is a chapter in Debbie's book entitled "The Last Spanking". Despite the promising title, Debbie, in her mid-teens, doesn't quite get spanked. She goes out without Pat's permission and when she returns one thing leads to another and Pat takes her over his knee, in front of the family, preparatory to giving her a spanking.

Disappointingly, he does not carry through. While bending Debbie over his knee, he accidentally hits her head with his elbow. Immediately everything stops, Debbie gets up and goes to her room, her sister gets angry at Pat, and Pat comes up and apologizes to Debbie. What is the problem? Clearly from the story, the knock was not that serious, besides elsewhere in the book, Debbie states rather proudly that when her father spanks a bare bottom he means to hurt. The knock on the head was the wrong kind of hurt. The Boones believe that warming a bottom, even severely, is an OK way to punish a child or teenager but other methods of hurting them are not OK. I wonder if they would like a subscription.

An Appocrophyl Letter

The following letter could have been mailed to your favorite advice columnist.

Dear Ann/Abby, I am a college freshman who never thought that she would write to an advice columnist, but I don't know what else to do. When I asked to go away to college my parents approved only on the condition that I would live with my married sister and her husband and that they would "keep an eye" on me. I agreed, never realizing what this implied.

When I arrived at Sue and Bob's, Bob read me the set of rules that they had established for me. They were a little stricter than I had hoped but seemed reasonable. I thought Bob was joking when he finished up by telling me that I would get a spanking for each infraction. At home my parents would yell at me if I did something they didn't like, or if they got mad enough, they would keep me home from something I wanted to attend.

I may have been spanked when I was a very little girl, but I don't remember it and I couldn't conceive of anybody actually spanking an eighteen year old. Exactly one week later I came home late from a party and learned that my brother-in-law was very serious. I learned this fact while I was face down over his knees being spanked with my own hair brush.

Do you realize how horrible it is for a girl my age to be spanked? First there is the pain, Bob is a strong man and it really hurts when he spanks. Then there is the fact that you are getting a little girl's punishment like spanking, I would just die if somebody found out. But the worst part is so embarrassing that I can hardly write it down on paper.

Bob believes that a real spanking is given on the bare bottom. When I am over his knees, he pulls my skirts up and my panties and pantyhose down before spanking me. I have pleaded with him to at least leave my panties up, they would be no protection, but he just says that if I want to keep my pants in the proper place all I have to do is be good. I try, I really do, but I've been here five months and I've already had three spankings, each with the hairbrush and each with my bottom bare.

I don't know what to do. I'm sure I'm the only girl my age that gets spankings. I've asked my parents to let me move out, but they say I have to stay here as long as I go to collge. I live in fear that one of my friends will learn how I'm puunished. I'd just die. Can you imagine dressing up in your best clothes and going on a date to a fancy restaurant, feeling grown- up and sophisticated, then coming home a bit late and, still in your fancy dress, being turned over a man's knees, having him bare your bottom and being spanked with a hair brush until you think that you will never be able to sit down again. Please, how can I convince Bob that I am too old to be spanked?


While reading a spanking story recently, I noticed that the author described the spankee's skirt and slip as being rucked up to her waist. Suddenly, in a blinding flash of insight, I realized that the only things which ever get rucked up are skirts, dresses, and slips, and they only get rucked up for spanking. I have never seen the word used in any other context. I went to my trusty dictionary and discovered that "ruck" means to fold or crease, with no mention that it is used only in spanking contexts. Nonetheless, I am firm in my belief that, in modern usage, "ruck" is part of the exclusive jargon of spankers. Today the vocabulary, tomorrow the world.

Cantabury Tales

The pseudonymous John Davenant, writing in the 1981 volume of Maledicta, a journal dedicated to the study of obscenity and verbal abuse, argues that Chaucer has been seriously mistranslated. The lines in the "Miller's Tale": "Whan Nicholas had doon thus everydel/ And Thakked hire aboute the lendes wel,/ He kiste her swete" are usually translated so as to indicated that Nicholas stroked her loins and then kissed her. Davenant argues convincingly that "Thakked hire aboute the lendes wel" is best translated "spanked her bottom soundly". Further, in the "Shipman's Tale" where the wife is usually thought to be offering that it should be "scored upon her tally", i.e. held against her, if she is wrong Davenant argues for the reading that she is willing to have her "tail scored". Davenant continues at length too great to be discussed here to support the view that Chaucer's work should be included in the body of spanking literature.

Dear Ann Landers

For those of you who missed it, I would like to refer you to a letter to Ann Landers from a college freshperson of the female persuasion which appeared sometime in mid June. (I am sorry, I promise to do better with dates in the future.)

It seems that this young lady had not handed in an assignment on time, her professor asked her to see him, and, after some discussion, they both concluded that the problem was a lack of discipline on her part. Without any more discussion, the professor then pulled her across his knees and warmed the seat of her skirt.

The young lady did the only possible thing, she wrote Ann Landers to inquire if the professor had the right to treat her in this manner. Unfortunately, Ann consulted some obviously crackpot dean in Texas and advised the young lady that the professor did not have this right and that she could report him to his superiors or sue him. If there are again riots on our campuses, we'll know whom to blame.


Bethany's Woodshed is eagerly looking for new spanking artists. If you like to draw spanking pictures and can draw in the realistic style of Sassy Bottoms and Paula Meadows, please write to Joey.

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